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About this Web Site/Statement of Purpose

The photographer behind this web site, Andrew Kalitka, is an author whose books can be found on Amazon. Kalitka took every photograph shown on Bible180.us during his travels within the United States of America.

Please visit Bible180.us daily. For 180 days, a different photograph and Bible reading appear daily and then repeat from the beginning. You will see today’s content again on Bible180.us 180 days from now, so try not to miss a single day!

Andrew Kalitka hopes that the daily readings from Psalms and Proverbs will benefit you, the reader, and motivate you to read the entire Old Testament. Likewise, Kalitka hopes that the daily New Testament readings will inspire you to read the entire New Testament. In other words, please read your entire Bible.

The purpose of wedding a photograph with each Bible reading is to remind us that the same God who created this awe-inspiring world that inspires people generally also inspired the Bible which inspires believers in a specific way.

One more thing to add to this introduction to Bible180.us is some basic information to help a new Bible reader get started. Here is an answer to the question, “What does ‘Jesus died for my sins’ mean?”:

The first thing to understand is that God is holy. He is perfectly sinless and righteous. There is no way for any person, sinful as we all are, to enter into fellowship with God unless God’s righteousness is freely given by God to whomever God is pleased to grant it. When Jesus, God’s one and only Son, died, His sacrifice paid the death penalty required of those sinners who are rescued by the power of God’s grace. Jesus then resurrected and later ascended to be beside God the Father. The Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, all three Persons, are one eternal self-existent God, the maker and sustainer of all creation.

Tough Life Lessons

Tough Life Lessons Book Cover

Do you wonder why your faith wavers?
Are you disappointed at how hard your
Christian life continues to be?
Tough Life Lessons offers insights into what causes our faith either to falter, or to grow.

Humble Feelings

Humble Feelings Book Cover

Inspirational Wisdom from C.S. Lewis, Rich Mullins, and Others. Remarkable nature photography sets the backdrop for these inspired writings creating peaceful settings that display God’s beauty.

The Big Picture

The Big Picture Book Cover

By carefully blending photographs, Scripture passages, and his own thought-provoking writings, photographer Andrew Kalitka encourages others to view creation in a refreshing new way.

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